Garstang, Glitter and the Ungrateful Ducks

Does anyone else take a while to get used to the clocks changing? I do. Anyway, I had a lovely weekend. I spent Saturday in Garstang where I visited my big sis Rachel who was being a good egg helping out at the school’s Easter Fayre.

While we were there we went to feed the ducks on the canal but they must have had a large breakfast ’cause they weren’t interested at all. Either that, or they didn’t fancy the cheapo no frills bread on offer.  We gave up in the end – we’ll be sure to take finest granary next time!

I also found a lovely little cake shop and bought some edible glitter which I’d been searching for. Obviously Sunday was spent baking and decorating fairy cakes so I could try out the new glitter. Here’s the results. I’ve used the glitter on top of cream cheese icing – very tasty.

I promise I do occasionally eat savoury food. In fact, my first ever loaf of bread is in the oven as I type. I’ll let you know how it goes later in the week. Hope to see you then. x


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