“Summer” Spiced Chicken Salad and my First Loaf of Bread

OK, so apparently it’s British Summer Time. However, the weather here has been absolutely awful and even dangerous in some places. Take care if you’re off out and about and be sure to wrap up!

On Monday I decided to make the very summery Rachel Allen’s Spiced Chicken Salad with Tzatziki, changing it a bit based on what salad ingredients I had in. I can’t eat really spicy food and this was definitely spicy but the cooling tzatziki meant that I could eat this without it feeling like it was burning off my taste buds. This is another new recipe to me but it went really well. I would recommend it as it was mega easy and I think it would make great Friday night food with some potato wedges or chips. Mmmmm chips.

Monday also saw me attempt my first ever loaf on bread. I wanted something easy so I opted for Rachel Allen’s (yep, Rachel again – she’s ace) Rustic Bacon and Cheddar Bread . I like the fact that  you don’t need to knead it, just pop straight into a loaf tin and voila! I was really pleased with the results but I think I would add more bacon lardons next time.  Would be great with some home made tomato soup.

Hope you all have a smashing Easter. I will be mainly eating chocolate and then more chocolate. You?



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4 responses to ““Summer” Spiced Chicken Salad and my First Loaf of Bread

  1. Raichyrae

    That chicken salad loooks absolutely fantastic…shame Chris can’t eat chicken….would it be an over-reaction to dump him? lol!

  2. Ryan

    I will also be eating lots of chocolate. I’m hoping someone (you) makes me a Creme De La Creme Egg.

    I had some bacon and cheese bread toast for breakfast this morning and it was yummy.

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