Spaghetti Bolognese

Happy Easter Sunday!

Yesterday the other half was out most of the day watching the local football team and drinking copious amounts of beer. Meanwhile, I spent the day reading the latest Olive magazine (food porn), doing housework and of course cooking. I really need to revisit my feminist handbook don’t I? Never mind.

As I was cooking for one, I decided to make spag bol, freezing the leftovers. You might think it’s odd to feature a dish as simple as spaghetti bolognese on a food blog but as a child it was my favourite meal and even now, it’s definitely up there as one of my all time faves. My mum used to make spag bol a lot but it still felt like a treat every time she did. I remember the strange smell of the parmesan shaker and the fiddliness of eating the spaghetti, usually resulting in me getting bolognese sauce everywhere. It was also the first recipe I was taught by my mum.

I’m not going to post a recipe, mainly because I don’t follow one, but also because there’s nowt special about my version. I just wanted to share with you a meal that takes me back to my childhood, and not just because I still need a bib when eating it. 🙂

Please leave me a comment and let me know what food takes you back to years gone by.



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3 responses to “Spaghetti Bolognese

  1. Raichyrae

    Ahhh, mum’s spag bol! I wouldn’t eat it till she lied and said she had bought special ‘super mince’ one day with no gristle in it….I believed her and ate it. I actually prefered her lasagne (with nutmeg) but the food that takes me back most would have to be nan’s braising steak and dumplings served with boiled potatoes and carrot and swede mashed with loads of pepper and butter, followed by her lemon meringue pie….I have never known anyone else to whisk meringue with a flat bladed knife on a dinner plate nor anyone else who made their own lemon filling using real lemons, egg yolk and cornflour….I watched her do it many times but wouldn’t know where to start.
    Hmmm….sense a poem there somewhere.
    Thanks for the memory ickle sis,

  2. Wow, grandma’s food sounds well yummy- I mainly remember her cakes. Let me know if you do a foodie poem, I’d like to blog it if you agree. xxx

  3. Ryan

    For me it has to be my mum’s lobscouse which is my grandma’s recipe, it’s delicious… and it’s even better the next day mmmmm

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