Chorizo, Crustless Quiche and Pizza Breads

I’ve just remembered that it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend – yey ! What you up to?

I am still making over my flat. As much as you can do a makeover when you live in a fully furnished flat where you can’t paint or attach anything to the walls. I promise there will be pics when it’s finished. Here’s a little snippet of part of my kitchen showing my twee bookends which arrived today. I swear I’m getting a bit more twee and housewifey every day. To steal a quote I read recently I’m “as twee as a cupcake in a cardigan.” Don’t worry, I plan to have a word with myself.

So, on the food front, inspired by Jamie does…Andalucia I decided to try a chorizo and tomato salad. I fried the chorizo to take the heat off it ’cause it was mega spicy. I know this because I made OH test a tiny bit it and he subsequently jumped about gasping and glugging water for a good few mins afterwards.


Here it is:

In the salad:

Chorizo fried in garlic and olive oil



Olive oil

Can of puy lentils

Salt and Pepper

Some oil from the pan used to fry chorizo

I didn’t like this salad. It was too greasy and I discovered I don’t like puy lentils. I want to like them ’cause they’re probably really good for you but I just can’t.

To use up some of the chorizo, I made pizza breads using posh shop-bought bread. Toppings were a combo of the things I had in: chorizo, mackerel (yum), sweetcorn, mushrooms.

My favourite recipe this week comes from the amazing blog Joy the Baker.

Crustless Quiche

It has cheese, garlic, spinach and mushrooms in it, what’s not to love?

I used cheddar cheese and I substituted the half and half for full fat milk. I also left out the walnuts/pine nuts.

This was delicious, I would recommend eating it warm as it tastes much better in my opinion. Definitely wanna make this again, maybe with chorizo and tomatoes or broccoli.

Anyway, that’s it for  now. Let me know if you try out any of the recipes or if you have any suggestions for future recipes.

Enjoy your weekend xx


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