Roasted Root Vegetable Soup, Plus Sewing Snippets

Just a quick post for you today but I will be back very soon with some scrumptious delights. The OH and I have been away recently on a very mini ‘mini break’ to Harrogate so I’ll be sure to tell you all about that as well.

For now, here’s a couple of recent creations from the Pavlova household to whet your appetite:

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

I got the idea for this from Comfort Food by Bridget Jones but didn’t really follow the recipe. I find you don’t really need to with soups. It was very simple to make and was made even simpler by the fact that OH had already roast the root vegetables (carrots, swede, parsnip, onions with garlic oil and mixed herbs) for tea so I nicked half of the roast veg and put them in a pan for my soup. Add some chicken stock, boil for a bit, 20 mins or so, then blitz it with a hand blender. That’s it. Simples.

And mega cheap too, always a bonus.

Next we have some oatmeal and raisin cookies which OH made last night. The recipe was taken from Rachel Allen’s Bake! Here’s the recipe. The only alteration was that OH used plain flour instead of SR as we didn’t have any. It didn’t matter, they tasted great. I enjoyed mine with a large class of strawberry milkshake. Mmmm. I think OH is definitely the better dessert chef.

Finally, here’s a couple of my non-edible creations. I’ve got back into sewing lately which is great, but I worry it will eat into my cooking (and eating) time!

I made these cushion covers based on a tutorial from Craftblog. These are great for a newbie sewer, very easy and it doesn’t really matter if you don’t get the measurements spot on.

And this is a little wristlet I made last night, from a tutorial from Javajem Knits. This was a little bit more difficult, but after a few tantrums and one broken needle (don’t sew over pins!) I got there and I’m happy with the results.

I’m not sure what to use it for though. Maybe just as a purse, or a pencil case. Any suggestions welcome, I look forward to some particularly silly ones from my family. That’s it for today, be back soon. x



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6 responses to “Roasted Root Vegetable Soup, Plus Sewing Snippets

    • Thanks for the great tutorial!I’ve made so many cushion covers based on this, my flat is now full of cushions of varying shapes and sizes! I’m too lazy to do the piping though!

  1. TheLadyZowie

    What a delectable myriad of treats! The soup looks delish, perfect for cold rainy nights in, (which I wish would come around sooner and not this silly ‘summer’ weather) and the cookies look absolutely divine! The cushions are so cute and I recognise the material on the pretty wristlet from the kawaii hairclip that you wore yesterday!

    Everything looks amazing – yoku yatta!! (^__^)


  2. Thanks muchly Zow, what’s a kawaii hairclip? – do they have them in Japan then?xx

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