Hi. I’m a twentysomething Lancashire lass with an insatiable appetite. I am also a first-time blogger.

Welcome to my food blog. I adore food, and although I like cooking sometimes, for me it is usually about the end result.

Why the blog? Well, I recently realised that when I wasn’t cooking or eating, I was thinking or talking about cooking or eating. And so I thought, why not stop annoying people around you talking about food all day, and start annoying the interwebs instead?

A word of warning – Heston Blumethal I am not. I tend to go for simple home cooking. If my budget permits I aim to occasionally try something a bit more extravagant, but generally (in keeping with Northern stereotypes) I love a good pie!

Having only started cooking (if you can call it that) at university, I am still learning, so please be gentle with me!

Oh, and I have yet to master the perfect meringue, hence the title of my blog.

I aim to document both my successes and inevitable mishaps (probably more failed meringues) in the kitchen.  So if you like the sound of that, please read my blog.

Maybe you could even leave a comment (constructive criticism only please!)


One response to “About

  1. David

    Loved it – loved the BSL final – what are you doing for yours?

    Enjoyed our lunch meeting – keep in touch. x

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