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Baking is Easy

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I talk about food a A LOT. I am one of those preachy people. I’m constantly telling people “Ooh you should cook this, or try this ingredient blah blah blah.” I imagine it is very annoying. For example, when people say they don’t like vegetables, I feel compelled to convert them, insisting that it is just fussiness that they’ll grow out of once they discover the yumminess¬†of the butternut squash. Most of the time it doesn’t work and they continue to avoid their greens like the plague. No doubt they’ll come hobbling back one day with rickets and scurvy begging me to make them a nice veggie quiche.

Anyways, I think some of my foodie talk has paid off, cause one of my friends asked me to give her a bakery lesson. Of course, I agreed straight away. A whole day devoted to talking about cake, eating cake and showing off? Yes please!

Here’s the Victoria Sponge my friend made:

And here‘s the recipe we used. I say we, but I didn’t actually do anything except tell my friend what to do. She didn’t really need my help, she just wasn’t confident in baking due to the fact that the last time she had tried making a cake was for my 18th birthday (8 years ago) and that had gone so horribly wrong that she had to buy me a cake instead. I didn’t mind – ¬†the bought cake was nice and it was shaped like a caterpillar, bonus!

Anyway, I digress, the Victoria Sponge was superb and now my friend can bake. She’s so confident in fact, she’s told me she is going to attempt another cake for my birthday, in two weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes…


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Apple Traybake with added Bits and Bobs

I’ve got a mish mash of things for you today. First is a cake I made a month or so back – an apple traybake. The recipe can be found here. If, like me you love a good cup of tea, this is a great cake to accompany a cuppa. Or if you prefer, you can eat it with custard as a warm pud, which is what OH likes to do. I used Bramley apples as recommended by mother and they worked a treat. Very simple tasty grub.

At the weekend I bought these. I’m not that keen on basil (I prefer oregano in my tomato sauces) and I’m not really sure what to do with chives but anyway, I look forward to trying them out when they eventually sprout. Hopefully I can manage to keep them alive that long.

Please ignore my dirty windows!

Finally, our shiny new Jamie Oliver cookbook arrived today and this time it wasn’t me who ordered it. The other half saw it in a shop at the weekend and decided to order it because he would like to try out some of the recipes. Yes, HE would like to cook. I might turn him into a foodie yet!

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