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Banana and Blueberry Muffins


We have had wonderful weather lately, which means I’m finding it difficult to get anything done, you just want to be outside when it’s nice don’t you? Therefore, this blog has been a little neglected. Sorry.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been cooking up. I often buy bananas, but usually end up with a couple left on the banana tree, slowly going brown and so I thought I’d make some muffins. Old bananas are ace in muffins and cakes but add some blueberries and they’re even better. Here’s the recipe I used for scrummy Bananaberry Muffins from the ever-so-talented Bakerella.

The OH tried taking some arty ‘in progress’ photos – I think we need to work on that. And the final photo I took myself, mainly just to blatantly show off some of my favourite things from my flat.

I bought the flowers myself , yes I have to buy myself flowers. You’d think that my OH would thank his lucky stars that he has a domestic goddess for a girlfriend who can whip up a batch of tasty muffins in no time, and occasionally treat me to a bunch of flowers to say thanks, but no.



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Paloma Faith and Breakfast Muffins

I saw Paloma Faith today! She was opening Carnesky’s Ghost Train on Blackpool Promenade so we popped along to see her perform a couple of songs and she was ace as always. Here’s some pics from the OH so blame him for the blurriness- she always looks über cool. We didn’t go on the ghost train ’cause we didn’t want to hang around in the cold but we’ll definitely be back soon.

After that, we decided to do a bit of shopping and then went home and ate some very unimaginative and unhealthy Friday night food. Friday night is our greasy food night – usually something and chips.

So I found out today that you’re not allowed to eat your Easter eggs until Sunday, so to satisfy my sugar cravings, we baked some breakfast muffins. I got the recipe from a freebie with Olive magazine called ’25 cakes, bakes & puddings’ but I’ve also found it online so here’s the link.

I found that it made 9 rather than 6 (3 were still in the oven here). And as they contain banana and seeds they’re practically health food. Now I don’t feel so bad about the obscene amount of chips and mayo I scoffed earlier 🙂


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Mother’s Day Muffins

With Mother’s Day approaching I pondered what to give my mummydearest. Being one of five, I reckoned that she would probably receive some flowers so I decided to do something different…I thought I’d bake.

My mum is also a food lover and I’m sure this is where I get this particular trait from. Within seconds of phoning my mum, the conversation has usually turned to food. We’ll talk about what we’re having for tea (dinner for non Northern folk) or I’ll ask her yet another food question. “Can I leave this out of the fridge to cool?” I’ll say, which is usually followed by a sigh and “We didn’t have fridges when I was little you know.”

And so I thought she would appreciate a tasty treat for Mother’s Day. Blueberry muffins were the obvious choice, her being a fan of the shop-bought type and so I searched for a recipe as I’d never made them before – eek!

I’ll be honest, there was a bit of trial and error involved – the recipe I originally used wasn’t sweet enough and was more cakey than muffiny (don’t worry, they were still eaten!). The second recipe I used was perfect and advised to cut the blueberries in half which gives the lovely purple staining through the muffins. The biscuits in the picture are lemon cookies baked by my other half (also very yum, the cookies not the other half although he is yum too of course) and taken from Rachel Allen’s Bake.

And the verdict from my mother?


I have to say I agree with her. I’ve definitely caught the baking bug.


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